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What it offers

Heritage Roses in Australia welcomes new members in Australia and overseas.

The benefits of membership include the fellowship of other like minded people sharing their love of heritage roses.

The HRIA Journal is issued quarterly in autumn, winter, spring and summer. It contains informative and interesting articles from renowned experts, details of coming events, regional reports and many other features.

Other benefits include:

The opportunity to join a regional group (please see list of co-ordinators) where activities include visits to gardens in the district and beyond, listening to renowned speakers in their field of expertise and on their journeys to other beautiful rose gardens of the world. 

Members also have the opportunity to attend a bi-ennial general meeting, and a national conference is usually held in a different state every two years.

Annual subscription:


Australian individual membership Au$55.00
Australian joint membership Au$60.00
Australian individual pensioner Au$50.00
Australian joint pensioners Au$55.00
Australian digital membership Au$35.00
Overseas digital membership Au$35.00
Overseas print membership New Zealand - Au$65.00; USA and UK - Au$80.00

How to join

For further information, please contact the national c0-membership secretaries - Fleur Carthew or Shann Hausler:

PO Box 1703, Renmark SA 5341

Alternatively download an application form using the link on the right.

Membership subscription 2019

As this is the fourth year we are offering the option of a digital copy of the Journal we thought it appropriate to clarify a few requirements re subscription payments.

  • Subscriptions for 2019 are due January 2019
  • If you are a new member who joined after 30 November 2018 the subscription you paid at that time will cover you for the remainder of 2018 and also until 31 December 2019.
  • If you have not made your 2019 subscription payment by 31 March 2019 your name will be deleted from the membership list, and you will not receive the 2019 winter, spring or summer Journals.
  • The “digital only” option is available to both Australian and overseas members.
  • If you wish to take up the option of a “digital only” copy of the Journal at the reduced cost of $35.00 you will need to:

    a) Make sure you complete the e-mail section on the membership form.

    b) Return your completed membership form with your $35.00 subscription payment by 31 March. 
  • If you wish to have both the print copy and digital copy of the Journal you will need to:

    a) Pay the usual full subscription amount for either individual, joint or pensioner membershipby 31 March.

    b) Ensure the e-mail section is completed.

    c) Write in red across the top of the form “PRINT AND DIGITAL COPY OF JOURNAL REQUIRED”.
  • Please note overseas membership includes digital copies only of our Journal from 2019 unless you choose to pay the overseas print membership fee.

The membership subscription form is included as a separate insert with the 2019 summer Journal, and can also be downloaded using the link above. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact the co-membership secretaries whose contact details are on the membership form.


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