Service and Awards

Life Members

  1. Outstanding, selfless commitment to promotion and preservation of heritage roses, species and garden roses.
  2. Nominations to come from the States with concurrence of all Regions of that State, and to include detailed reasons for the nomination.
  3. The final decision to be made by the National Executive of the day.
  4. Only one Life Membership will be awarded during the life of any National Executive, providing all the criteria have been met. The presentation of the award is to be made at the Biennial Conference.

1989 Moraig Godfrey (dec), NSW
1991 Rose Marsh, WA
1993 Trevor Nottle, SA
1995 Jack Sampson (dec), Vic
1997 Barbara May (dec), NSW
1999 David Ruston OAM (dec), SA
2001 Susan Irvine (dec), Tas
2003 Noelene Drage, WA
2006 Peter Cox (dec), NSW
2008 Wendy Langton, Tas
2012 Lilia Weatherly (dec), Tas
2014 Jacqui and George Davies, WA
2016 Jean Reid, SA
2018 Shirley Yates, Vic

Deane Ross Memorial Award

  1. The award may be made from time to time by the National Committee of Heritage Roses in Australia Inc. and limited to one recipient every two years.
  2. The award shall be made to the person, persons, or organisation making an outstanding contribution to the promotion of old roses over a period of years, as assessed by the National Committee.
  3. The award shall take the form of a plaque or other form, at the discretion of the National Executive.
  4. The award shall be made at a National Conference held by Heritage Roses in Australia Inc.
  5. These rules may be varied from time to time, but the title and the purposes of the award shall not be changed.

1993 Deane Ross (dec), SA
1995 R & H Rumsey (dec), NSW
1997 David Ruston OAM (dec), SA
1999 Patricia Toolan, SA
2001 Noelene Drage, WA
2003 Sally Allison, NZ
2006 Susan Irvine, Tas
2008 John Nieuwesteeg, Vic
2012 Margaret Furness, SA
2014 Patricia Toolan, SA
2016 Patricia Routley, WA
2016 Peter Cox (dec), NSW
2018 Hillary Merrifield, WA

Distinguished Service Award

  1. The award may be made to members or past-members of HRIAI making a distinguished contribution toward fostering the spirit of HRIAI at either a national or Regional level.
  2. Nominations for the Award may be made through a Coordinator of a Regional Group or by a financial member of HRIAI.
  3. Nominations shall be in writing and forwarded to the Secretary of HRIAI.
  4. The Executive Committee shall assess all such nominations and make the award to anyone who meets the above criteria.
  5. The Award may be decided at any time as the occasion arises, and more than one award may be made on that occasion.
  6. The Executive’s decision shall be binding and no correspondence shall be entered into about decisions.
  7. The Award may be presented at the next National or International Conference of HRIAI, or at the discretion of the National Executive.
  8. The Award may be in the form of a framed certificate, or in any other form considered to be appropriate by the National Executive.

2001 Jean Reid, SA
2001 Patricia Routley, WA
2001 Peter Cox (dec), NSW
2003 Emily Darley, NSW
2003 Christine Butcher, SA
2003 Wendy Langton, Tas
2003 Geoff Davis, NSW
2006 Judy Andrews, NSW
2006 Gillian Batchen, NSW
2006 Hillary Merrifield, WA
2006 Kathy Mills (dec), NSW
2006 Jennie O'Brien-Lutton, Qld
2006 Maureen Ross, SA
2006 Dianna Ward, Tas
2006 Coleen Houston OAM, NSW
2006 Billy West, WA
2006 Jacqui Davies, WA
2006 George Davies, WA
2008 Helen Carroll (dec), NSW
2008 Walter Duncan, SA
2008 Margaret Furness, SA
2008 Wal Johnson, Vic
2010 Shirley Yates, Vic
2010 Jill Collins, Vic
2010 Lilia Weatherly (dec), Tas
2010 Lynne Chapman, WA
2010 Jenny Jones, WA
2012 Diane Ackland, Vic
2012 Di Durston, WA
2012 Penny MacKinlay, Qld
2012 Sue & John Zwar, SA
2014 No award made
2016 Dorothy Lane, TAS
2016 Richard Yellowly, TAS
2016 Gail Yellowly, TAS
2018 Clive West, NSW
2018 Ailsa Allen, WA
2018 Del Bibby, WA
2018 Pauline Tonkin, WA