Heritage Roses in Our Gardens front cover

Heritage Roses in Our Gardens

Author(s): Heritage Roses in Australia Incorporated Publisher: Heritage Roses in Australia Incorporated, 2022 ISBN: 9780645377903 Roses have a long history – much of it steeped in mystery – and beautiful roses from the past that have survived the vicissitudes of […]

Mystery Roses front cover

Mystery Roses of the Australian Tea-Noisette-China Collection

Author(s): Margaret Furness Publisher: Heritage Roses in Australia Incorporated, 2022 ISBN: 9780645377910 A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… Around 1,000 Tea roses were available in Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With changing […]

Fragrant Roses Susan Irvine

Fragrant Roses

Author(s): Susan Irvine Publisher: Hyland House, 1996 ISBN: 9781875657902 The first in a series of works of quality gardening writing, by rose expert Susan Irvine. Irvine has chosen her hundred favourite fragrant roses; ones guaranteed to perfume the garden and […]

Species Roses Peter Cox

Species Roses

Author(s): Peter Cox Publisher: Heritage Roses in Australia Incorporated, 2016 ISBN: 0994609000 Species roses are the wild roses that pre-date civilization, found in the forests, swamps and grasslands of their native habitats, having evolved over millions of years. All the […]

Mystery Roses Virginia Keane

Mystery Roses Around the World

Author(s): Editor Virginia Keane Publisher: A special edition of Rosa Mundi. Heritage Rose Foundation, Richardson, Texas, 2011 ISBN: 9780983385103 Review: Paperback, 122pp. US $39 including postage (or US $50 for a year’s subscription which includes the book; $40 students & […]

Life with Roses David Ruston

A Life with Roses

Author(s): David Ruston, with Sue Zwar Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd, 2011 ISBN: 9781921719097 A fascinating insight into the life of Australia’s foremost Rosearian, David Ruston of Renmark, S.A. From the flyleaf: “David tells his fascinating tale in a modest […]

BAON World Federation of Rose Societies

By Any Other Name (BAON)

This is the newsletter of the World Federation of Rose Societies’ Conservation and Heritage Committee, and can be accessed via the WFRS website at www.worldrose.org. The Conservation and Heritage page contains some interesting information and links to the newsletters.

Rosa Gallica

Rosa Gallica

Publisher: Rosa Gallica Association (twice yearly journal in English) Contact: Professor Francois Joyaux, La Cour, Commer 53470, France Roseraie de Cour de Commer, Commer 53470, France