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Heritage Roses in Our Gardens

Heritage Roses in Our Gardens front cover

Author(s): Heritage Roses in Australia Incorporated
Publisher: Heritage Roses in Australia Incorporated, 2022
ISBN: 9780645377903

Roses have a long history – much of it steeped in mystery – and beautiful roses from the past that have survived the vicissitudes of time are the subject of this booklet: heritage roses that have proven themselves to be healthy, decorative and resilient garden subjects that thrive in Australian conditions.

This booklet showcases the various types of heritage roses, with information about their blooming cycle, their habits and their place in the garden. It shows these glorious, tough and versatile old roses growing in private and public gardens in Australia, indicates some places to see examples in your home state or on your travels, and includes a guide to where to buy them.

Whether you have acreage or a courtyard block, there’s room for a heritage rose: scrambling up a tree, hiding a shed, spilling over a rockery, in a large pot…

Softcover 24 pages and A4 size.

Booklets are $10 plus $5 postage. To purchase, contact Pat Toolan.

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Heritage Roses in Our Gardens back cover
Heritage Roses in Our Gardens back cover