Some of the listed books are out of print. They may be available second-hand, eg via, and/or they may be available from libraries.

Beginning with Heritage Roses — Australian books

Fragrant Roses
Susan Irvine
Hyland House, 1996
The first in a series of works of quality gardening writing, by rose expert Susan Irvine. Irvine has chosen her hundred favourite fragrant roses; ones guaranteed to perfume the garden and fill it...
500 Popular Roses cover
Bryant. Geoff et al
Random House. 1997

Books for the more serious Heritage Rose fancier

Peter Cox
Heritage Roses in Australia Incorporated
Species roses are the wild roses that pre-date civilization, found in the forests, swamps and grasslands of their native habitats, having evolved over millions of years. All the roses we know today...

General interest

Mystery Roses around the world book cover
Editor Virginia Keane
A special edition of Rosa Mundi. Heritage Rose Foundation, Richardson, Texas, 2011
A life with Roses cover
David Ruston, with Sue Zwar
Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd, 2011.
A fascinating insight into the life of Australia's foremost Rosearian, David Ruston of Renmark, S.A. From the flyleaf: "David tells his fascinating tale in a modest and unassuming way. He...

International Journals

This is the journal of the World Federation of Rose Societies' Conservation and Heritage Committee, and can be accessed via the WFRS website at
Rosa Gallica Journal
Roseraie de Cour de Commer, 53470 commer, France Contact: Professor Francois Joyaux, La Cour, Commer 53470, France  


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